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Nederlands Ik fotografeer graag en ik schrijf regelmatig verslagen van mijn tochten. Op deze pagina bevinden zich verwijzingen naar enkele van de verslagen. Alle verslagen zijn ook gerangschikt per jaar.    English I like photography and I frequently write trip reports. On this page there are links to some of the reports. All reports, some still in the Dutch language, are also organized by year.

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LoCo 2007 (Artwork: Shawna Franklin)
1st Lower Columbia River Kayak RoundupEnglish August 2007
August 2007 saw the first ever annual Lower Columbia River Kayak Symposium. Organized by Ginni Callahan of Columbia River Kayaking. Good company, good food and excellent paddling.

La Bufadora (Photo: A.M. Schoevers)
La Bufadora MexicoEnglish April 2007
Jen Kleck took us along for a great rock-hopping Aqua Adventure at La Bufadora on the Pacific coast of Baja Mexico; spray all over.

Southwest Kayak Symposium (Design: Aqua Adventures Kayak Center)
Southwest Kayak SymposiumEnglish March 2007
With my name on the symposium schedule and flights booked there was no way to 'bail out' of my second attendance at the Southwest Kayak Symposium, organized by Jen Kleck of Aqua Adventures Kayak Center in San Diego.

Falls of Lora (Photo: Alun Hughes)
Falls of LoraEnglish October 2006
On the road to the 1st Storm Gathering symposium on the Ross of Mull, there was another kind of gathering. Under the Connel bridge near Oban runs the world famous Falls of Lora tidal feature.

All-out at Penrhyn Mawr (Photo: Johan Wagner)
All-out at Penrhyn MawrEnglish September 2006
A cracking day at Penrhyn Mawr tide-race in North Wales. Sequences of truly amazing pictures were taken by Johan Wagner from Escape Kayak Center and Jeff Allen from Sea Kayaking Cornwall.

Lunga Puffin (Photo: Axel Schoevers)
Ray's MullEnglish July 2006
A Peddelpraat club trip guided by Ray Goodwin around the Isle of Mull. Encountering all the highlights that Scotland has to offer. Otter, Iona, Staffa's Fingall's Cave, Lunga Puffins up-close, Firth of Lorn off-bow Bottlenose Dolphins and topping it off with Minke Whales.

Jersey Sea Kayaking Symposium (Photo: Axel Schoevers)
Jersey Sea Kayaking SymposiumEnglish May 2006
Small towns that have names that can be pronounced both in English and in French. Street names that are definitively French spelling. Crossing over by fast ferry from St. Malo. Brittany to Britain, my first visit to Jersey and the Channel Islands.

Bahia de Los Angeles (Photo: Axel Schoevers)
Bahia de Los AngelesEnglish April 2006
Clouds drift away to reveal the full moon, dimming out Orion for the day. In a moon-grey lit Puerto Don Juan howling and barking breaks the silence; a pack of coyote is singing to the moon on the west side of the bay. On the road with the Dharma Bums to Bahia de Los Angeles (Mexico).

Punta no-te-dice (Photo: Axel Schoevers)
Baja Surf CampEnglish October 2005
Ginni Callahan took Gemma Rawlings, Jim Green, Tim Mattson and me to her favourite surf spot on the Pacific coast of Baja California (Mexico). Locally known as "Surf Camp", but quickly affectionately renamed by us to "Punta no-te-dice".

Catch me on a neap (Photo: Axel Schoevers)
Catch me on a neapEnglish April & May 2005
Of the numerous times I have been playing at Penrhyn Mawr tidal race, today's roughness surprises me. Why? Because today we are on a neap tide! I stayed in and out of Anglesey for the whole month or May and did, among other trips, quite a few more 'runs' of Penrhyn Mawr.

Under a Golden Gate (Photo: Axel Schoevers)
Under a Golden GateEnglish October 2004
The Northern California BCU Skills Symposium, organized by Riptides & Rapids, was held from 22-29 October on Bodega Bay. The BCU 5-star training and assessment was held in San Fransisco Bay.

A New Old World (Photo: Axel Schoevers)
DelMarVa Paddler's RetreatEnglish October 2004
Scattered on the beach is a wide variety of sea kayaks. From the 'familiar' glass-fibre to 'Greenland-style' wooden 'stitch-and-glue', 'wood-strip' and the most traditional of all: 'skin-on-frame'. I now realize that I have entered 'a new old world' of kayaking.

Paddling the sea of flames (Photo: Axel Schoevers)
Paddling the sea of flamesEnglish June, July 2004
Everyday had at least two surprises waiting for us. On the water the conditions where not always what the 'Streymkort' prepared us for. Off the water we where overwhelmed by the hospitality of the people of the Føroyar.

Fun with Foster (Photo: Axel Schoevers)
In a sunshine stateEnglish February 2004
I did not have to search for too much excuses to go to Florida for 'winter' paddling. Jean Totz and Russel Farrow from Sweetwater Kayaks annually host a BCU skills week followed by the Florida Gulf Coast sea kayak symposium.

Sea Kayak Georgia (Photo: Axel Schoevers)
Georgia on my mindEnglish October 2003
A last-minute decision made me attend the British Canoe Union week at Sea Kayak Georgia from October 24th until November 1st. The second year running, it again had an impressive number of BCU coaches delivering trainings and assessments.

North Stack tide-race (Photo: Axel Schoevers)
Being run over by a wave trainEnglish September 2003
What could be better than to 'finish' my already outstanding sea kayaking season with another 'splash' at Anglesey. Not only a year to already remember very well, but also one specific situation: on how to fail a 'self assessment'...

Sunset at Schiermonnikoog (Photo: Axel Schoevers)
Around the Netherlands by Sea KayakEnglish August 2003
Paddling a sea kayak along the North Sea coast and borders of the Netherlands with Belgium and Germany, on the sea and on inland waterways. This expedition, together with Nico Middelkoop, of 1241 km distance took 28 days to complete.

Penrhyn Mawr tide-race (Photo: Axel Schoevers)
The dark and the rolling seaEnglish May 2003
Two extra days spent very well at the spectacular tide-races off Penrhyn Mawr and Rhoscolyn in Anglesey. And I have the pictures to prove it! With Chris from Nova Scotia, John from New Zealand and me from the Netherlands we formed a team that spanned the whole earth.

Balance brace by Maligiaq (Photo: Axel Schoevers)
20th Anglesey Sea SymposiumEnglish May 2003
This year's event had the biggest attendance ever of 160+ paddlers from all over the world. Special guest was Maligiaq J. Padilla, the Greenlandic Kayak Champion of 2002. This is my fourth visit to the symposium and BCU course week. Strong winds created very challenging paddling conditions.

Departure Porth Wen (Photo: Axel Schoevers)
Around Anglesey April 2003
The Dutch Canoe Organization (NKB) offered a trip around Anglesey. With winds of force 6 to 7 Beaufort from the southwest we tried to outsmart the weather by starting at the south end of the Menai Strait. This report is in Dutch language.

Trip planning (Photo: Maarten van Rossum)
Raised beaches or Ray's beaches?English July 2002
A 'Peddelpraat' club trip guided by Ray Goodwin, paddling around the beautiful Scottish island of Islay. "A plan so cunning they call it the fox!" combined with "Dutch luck" made our Islay circumnavigation in only six days possible.

Hebridian skies (Photo: Axel Schoevers)
Outer Hebrides June 2002
Paddling with Jan and Sien around the southern islands of the Outer Hebrides. These exposed islands are in the direct path of frequent passing Atlantic weather fronts. But we were 'lucky' at Mhiughlaigh (Mingulay), a 'gem' of an island with a history. This report is in Dutch language.

Skerries lighthouse (Photo: Axel Schoevers)
Anglesey trip & SymposiumEnglish April, May 2002
Herman had joined me for a paddle around Anglesey in the week before the symposium. But a force 8 from the W/SW prevented us from doing a circumnavigation. At the end of the symposium, playing in the tide-race off the Skerries marked my most exhilarating tide-race experience ever.

Crossing to Colonsay (Photo: Axel Schoevers)
Islay and Colonsay June 2001
Paddling with Jan and Nico around the Scottish island of Islay. Because of dense fog we never saw the beautiful west coast and GPS helped us to get across to Colonsay. But we did see otters and porpoises. This report is in Dutch language.

Coast Guard rescue demonstration (Photo: Axel Schoevers)
Anglesey Sea Kayak Symposium May 2001
After our initial visit last year, Nico and I returned for this year's event. I have become 'addicted' to the tide-races. I get good shots of the coast guard rescue demonstration. This report is in Dutch language.

Sunset at Spiekeroog (Photo: Axel Schoevers)
German Bight July 2000
Jan and I paddled from Bakkum, on the west coast of the Netherlands, along all Dutch and German 'wadden' islands to Wangerooge. Both of us and our sea kayaks remember the west cardinal marker "Büne-H", and what it warns for, very well. This report is in Dutch language.

The Bitches tide-race at neaps (Photo: Axel Schoevers)
Dare you Bitch? May 2000
In Ramsey Sound, between the Pembrokeshire coast at St. David's Head and Ramsey Island, lies the famous 'Bitches' tide-race. Nico and I could not resist paddling here before returning to the Netherlands. On a neap tide it was already challenging enough. This report is in Dutch language.

Lunch at the Skerries (Photo: Axel Schoevers)
A week at the races April, May 2000
Hearing stories from seasoned Dutch paddlers about the tide-races off Anglesey in Wales, Nico and I decided to check this out ourselves. We attended the Anglesey Sea Symposium and joined a 5* sea training. Afterwards Nico and I paddled around Anglesey. This report is in Dutch language.

Bear country (Photo: Axel Schoevers)
Bear country & Whale waters June & July, 1999
Together with Sien, Pieter and Sanja our long-time kayaking dreams fulfilled. Out of Sitka, we paddled all of the outside coast of Chichagof and Yakobi Island and into Cross Sound and Icy Strait to Tenakee. We had a wonderful, though unintentional, stay at Elfin Cove around the 4th of July.
  1. Preparation
2. North to Alaska
3. West-coast Chichagof & Yakobi Island
4. 4th of July at Elfin CoveEnglish
5. Bear country & Whale waters
6. The voyage home
7. Appendices
Whale waters (Photo: Axel Schoevers)

Following sea (Photo: Axel Schoevers)
Shetland Visitors July 1998
Exposing ourselves to big Atlantic swell around the Shetland islands. Carefully planning passage around Sumburgh Head. Stormbound at Papa Stour and treated on a 'huge' following sea afterwards. Rounding Out Stack off Muckle Flugga marked our most northerly point in a sea kayak. This report is in Dutch language.

The f... that got away... (Photo: Axel Schoevers)
The fish that got away... June 1998
A 'Peddelpraat' club trip guided by Ray Goodwin, paddling around the Scottish island of Jura, through the Gulf of Corryvreckan, the Sound of Islay and the Sound of Jura. When you talk with Ray about this trip you better do not use the 'F-word'! This report is in Dutch language.

Puffins on Lunga (Photo: Axel Schoevers)
Isle of Mull July 1997
The Isle of Mull is definitively the most beautiful sea kayaking destination in Scotland. Paddling out of Oban we made a clockwise circumnavigation and visited Staffa and the Treshnish Isles. It was the first self-organized trip abroad of Nico, Pieter and I, and still the most cherished one. This report is in Dutch language.

The bridge over the Atlantic (Photo: Axel Schoevers)
Scottish Islands June 1997
My first sea kayak trip abroad with 'Peddelpraat', guided by Ray Goodwin. With Arduaine as a base, we explored the coastlines nearby islands and visit the Garvellachs. We played in the Grey Dogs tide-race and paddled through a 'sleeping' Corryvreckan between Scarba and Jura. This report is in Dutch language.

Tide's coming in (Photo: Peter Hoek)
'Waddenzee', what a sea! May 1996
A 'Peddelpraat' club trip from Kornwerderzand to the islands of Texel and Vlieland. Fleeing from a storm, I just barely kept my feelings of total panic in check. I was instantly 'cured' when Hans shouted that he could not offer me help in these conditions! Back on shore I was shaking but not from the cold... This report is in Dutch language.

Surf practice at Ouddorp (Photo: Esther Broerse)
To the sea and back again July, August 1995
Paddling from my home town to the 'Peddelpraat' club sea instruction week at Ouddorp, attended by Nigel Foster, seemed a good idea to prepare myself for my sea proficiency assessment. The fact that I failed my assessment is 'history'. This report is in Dutch language.

The first picture of me and my first sea kayak (Photo: Unknown)
Paddling through the Netherlands August 1994
What better way is there to learn to paddle than to go paddling... From my home town of Rijswijk I paddled to the tidal harbor of Noordpolderzijl, only using inland waterways; a 21 day and 650 km solo trip. I looked over the dike into the expanse of the 'Waddenzee'. Next step: the sea! This report is in Dutch language.

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