About Axel Schoevers

Axel Schoevers; © A. de Krook    BCU Level 4 Sea Coach / Assessor 4 Sea / 5* Sea
NKB Hoofdinstructeur Zeekajakvaren

After extensive solo backpacking trips in the western and north-western states of the USA, Canada and Alaska between 1988 and 1993 Axel took up kayaking in 1994. In that year he paddled from his home town of Rijswijk all the way to the tidal harbour of Noordpolderzijl in the northeast along inland waterways; a 21 day and 650 km solo trip.

In 1995 he started sea kayaking with the national Peddelpraat (translates as "Paddle Talk") club and attended their annual sea camps ever since.

From 1997 he organised his own trips and expeditions with friends to Isle of Mull (1997), Shetland (1998), West coast of Chichagof and Yakobi Island in Alaska (1999), German Bight (2000), Islay (2001), Outer Hebrides (2002) and Faroe Islands (2004). In 2003 he paddled around the Netherlands by sea kayak; 1241 km in 28 days.

By assisting at sea camps and club trips he got into coaching and guiding. He became a Dutch sea kayaking instructor in 2001. At about the same time, during visits to the Anglesey Sea Symposium, he entered the BCU coaching scheme to become an Aspirant Level-5/A4 sea coach holding 5-star sea. In 2004 he gained the ACA Advanced Open Water Coastal Kayak Instructor qualification. He is a member of the Peddelpraat and NKB sea kayaking committees and the NKB coaching committee. He guides trips in Wales and Scotland.

He likes photography and he wrote articles for Peddelpraat, NKB and Sea Kayaker Magazine and gives lectures about his trips, and among them, at the "Op Pad" national outdoor show. Many of his trip reports and pictures are now on-line on this web-site.

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About the Netherlands

The western and northern shores of the Netherlands face the North Sea. Germany is on the eastern border and Belgium is in the south. The southwest (Zeeland estuaries) and the north (Waddenzee) are prime sea kayaking areas. Planning a trip there involves taking tides, currents and the weather into consideration. Apart from the natural beauty, paddling in these areas is therefore a navigational challenge and requires good judgment of ones own ability. The Netherlands has numerous lakes, rivers and canals that offer interesting and scenic routes along the cultural, historic and industrial heritage of the Netherlands.

Check out information on the Netherlands.

About this website

Over the years I have made many sea kayaking trips. I keep a diary or log on most of my trips. A number of the trip reports resulted in articles for the club newsletter "Peddelpraat".

The trip reports are now on-line and are organized chronologically; from recent to old. Recent trip reports are in Englisch language, older ones are in Dutch language.

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