Ramsey Sound

I joined Fiona and Rowland on a 5-star assessment in Pembrokeshire. Paddling through Ramsey Sound we had a close encounter with two Porpoises, the closest-by I have ever seen them. The Bitches tide-race off Ramsey Island was not too impressive, being near neaps and with no swell. Even on a grey day the scenery is stunning. Deep caves and arch-ways that can be paddled through. We almost made it through the longest tunnel, cutting through a headland, but had to back-track because it was just a bit too shallow at the far end. All the beaches had seals or baby seals on them, thus we hauled our kayaks on big rocks for lunch, not disturbing the seals. But that is part of 5-star anyway.

Tuesday 17 October 2006

Wednesday 18 October

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