Aberdovy Surf & Canoe

Saturday 14 October 2006 (Maverick Surfing)
Fiona Whitehead organized a BCU Coach Development weekend in Aberdovy, Wales. For me a great opportunity to learn more about surf kayaking. Andy Hall lent me his Maverick surf kayak. The last time I was in a specialist surf kayak I had little more control than only down-wave. Now I was amazed how well I could control my direction in this kayak. Great fun. Clean 3-foot surf waves made for good learning progression. Thank you Andy for two days of good surfing development.

Sunday 15 October (Maverick Surfing)

BCU 2* Canoe Monday 16 October (2-stars in a Canoe)
Part of my BCU coach development is learning about other kayak/canoe disciplines. Thus here I find myself with Rowland on a 2-star open canoe course run by Fiona Whitehead. Location is the jetty in Aberdovy harbour. The wind is a southerly force 5/6. We both have been in an open canoe before, but not in a formal setting and definitively not with these strong wind. I use every stroke in my repertoire to make the canoe go in the direction I want it to, edging and shifting my weight around the canoe accordingly. Pictures show me with a smile on my face, so I must be enjoying it! Re-entering a canoe from the water and 'poling' are interesting undertakings.

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