Ray's Mull

A full circumnavigation of the Isle of Mull with Ray Goodwin, Rob Braat, Rick Carrick-Smith, Henk Hoogerwerf, Dirk van Leeuwen, Dick Mulder, Jaap Mulder, Lou Rentes, Chris de Ridder, Johann van Rossum, Maarten van Rossum and Axel Schoevers for the Dutch 'Peddelpraat' paddling club.

Johann van Rossum wrote about this trip on his website.

Saturday 15 July 2006 (Gallanachmore)
CG 12hr: S/SE-3/4 occ. 5 at first and later in north; sea: slight.
CG 24hr: S veering SW-4/5 occ. 6 in north; sea: slight/moderate or rough.

Sunday 16 July (Gallanachmore - Rubh' Aoineadh Mhéinis)
CG 12hr: S veering SW-3/4 incr. 5 for a time in north; sea: slight or moderate.
CG 24hr: S/SW-3/4 decr. 2/3; sea: slight/moderate.

Monday 17 July (Rubh' Aoineadh Mhéinis - Eilean Mór)
CG 12hr: .
CG 24hr: .

Tuesday 18 July (Eilean Mór - Staffa)
CG 12hr: E/SE-3/4 becoming variable at times; sea: smooth or slight.
CG 24hr: SE-4 becoming variable 3 overnight; sea: smooth or slight.

Wednesday 19 July (Staffa - Lunga)
CG 12hr: E/SE-3/4 occ. 5 in west; sea: smooth/slight occ. moderate in west.
CG 24hr: SE-4 becoming variable 2/3 by evening; sea: smooth or slight, occ. moderate in west.

Thursday 20 July (Lunga - Quinish Point)
CG 12hr: Variable 2/3 becoming W-3/4 later; sea; slight/moderate.
CG 24hr: W-3/4 becoming variable 2/3; sea: slight.

Friday 21 July (Quinish Point - Rubh' an t-sean Chaisteil)
CG 12hr: Variable 3 or less becoming E/SE-3/4; sea: slight.
CG 24hr: E/SE veering S-3/4; sea: slight becoming moderate in west.

Saturday 22 July (Rubh' an t-sean Chaisteil - Port Donain)
CG 12hr: SE veering SW-3/4 occ. 5; sea: slight, moderate in west.
CG 24hr: S/SW-3/4; sea: slight/moderate.

Sunday 23 July (Port Donain - Gallanachmore)
CG 12hr: .
CG 24hr: .

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