West-coast of Mull

A 'Peddelpraat' club trip on the west-coast of Mull with Marie-Louise van den Berg, Patrick Dousi, Chris Hägele, Martin Kroon and Axel Schoevers.

Saturday 8 July (Kilchoan - Quinish Point)
CG 12hr: W/SW backing E/SE-5/7; cyclonic 4/5 later; sea: rough, moderate later.
CG 24hr: Cyclonic 4/5 becoming W/SW-5/6 backing S-4/5 later.

Sunday 9 July (Quinish Point - Lunga)
CG 12hr: S veering W-4/5 backing S overnight; sea: slight or moderate.
CG 24hr: S-4/5 veering S/W-4 or 6 by evening; sea: slight or moderate incr. rough.

Monday 10 July (Lunga - Staffa)
CG 12hr: S/SW-4/5 occ. 6 later; sea: slight or moderate incr. moderate.
CG 24hr: SW-5/6 incr. 7 for a time in north; rough, overnight moderate/rough.

Tuesday 11 July (Staffa - Sound of Ulva)
CG 12hr: W/SW-4/5 incr. 6, overnight occ. 7 in north, sea: moderate or rough.
CG 24hr: W/SW-5/6 occ. 7 in north decr. 4 overnight; sea: moderate or rough, occ. very rough north of Islay, High for a time west of the Outer Hebrides.

Wednesday 12 July (Sound of Ulva - Iona)
CG 12hr: SW veering W-4/5; sea: moderate becoming rough.
CG 24hr: W becoming variable 3/4 occ. 5 at first; sea: rough becoming moderate.

Thursday 13 July (Iona - Gometra)
CG 12hr: W-3/4 becoming variable 3 or less; sea: rough becoming moderate.
CG 24hr: Variable 3 or less becoumin S/SE-3/4; sea: moderate becoming slight.

Friday 14 July (Gometra - Quinish Point)
CG 12hr: S/SE-3/4 incr. 5 at times 6; sea: slight/moderate.
CG 24hr: S/SE-3/4 incr. 5 at times in west; sea: slight/moderate, occ. rough.

Saturday 15 July (Quinish Point - Kilchoan)
CG 12hr: S/SE-3/4 occ. 5 at first and later in north; sea: slight.
CG 24hr: S veering SW-4/5 occ. 6 in north; sea: slight/moderate or rough.

Oban and Dover tides

© A.M. Schoevers