Punta no te dice

Ginni Callahan took us (Gemma Rawlings, Jim Green, Tim Mattson and Axel Schoevers) to one of her favourite surf spots on the Pacific coast of Baja California (Mexico). Locally known as "Surf Camp", but quickly affectionately renamed by us to "Punta no te dice".

We had a great time surfing and playing in rock gardens. I now know the difference between a "point break" and a "beach break". At first I did not understand why Ginni 'looked down' on "beach break" where I just had great fun because that surf was already much cleaner than the mushy surf that I am used to in the Netherlands. Surfing a peeling point break is magical.

In the rock gardens, Tim had the habit of being in the wrong spot at the wrong moment. For photo opportunities, Tim was exactly in the right spot at the right moment. Jim was talked into paddling over a pour-over by Gemma (unbelievable!). Thus Jim takes home this year's Baja Surf Camp rock gardening award.

Gemma paddled her Rockpool "Alaw Bach" sea kayak, the first one in the Americas. All of us tried it out and we liked the performance of it. But Gemma allowed nobody but herself near rocks in this glass fibre sea kayak. So we do not know at this moment if it is Gemma's skill and/or the kayak that perform so well near rocks. But then, it is a "Rockpool" kayak.

Ginni Callahan of Columbia River Kayaking guides sea kayaking trips in Baja California (Sea of Cortez) during the Winter months. In the Summer she guides and gives sea kayak instruction on the Columbia River and adjacent Washington and Oregon Pacific Coast.

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