Zeekamp Vlieland

The annual NKB sea kayak instruction week on the Island of Vlieland was held this year from 3 through 10 September.

For the second year there was a rescue exercise by the Koninklijke Nederlandse Reddings Maatschappij lifeboat service (KNRM).

Everything was 'raised'. Two lifeboats and the beach truck went out. A lot 'happened' during the exercise. From a simulated crew injury and engine problems to an engine room fire. Oh, yes the two sea kayak 'victims' where taken care of professionally. All the VHF communications had 'for exercise' in them, just to make sure.

Later that evening we were all invited to the KNRM lifeboat station for evaluation. All the 'events' were thoroughly evaluated. A good learning experience for all involved.

© A.M. Schoevers