Chicken Weather...

This year Peddelpraat organized their annual sea kayak instruction week at Cormeijhoeve in Slootdorp in the north-western part of the Netherlands. Ideally situated for paddling on the North Sea, the Waddenzee and IJsselmeer.

The weather conditions proved to be challenging... Excellent paddling conditions resulted in assessments for the Dutch 4* and 5* skill levels.
The conditions on the campsite were equally challenging. A lot of rain pouring down between sunny spells, turning the grass fields into swamp and the sandy road into 'rodeo alley'.

Ronald Frijhoff, not yet a sea kayaker, cheered us up by his daily cartoons, perfectly depicting 'Peddelpraat Zeekamp' tradition. And what about the chicken? Well, you should have listened to Albert-Jan's weather lecture !

Saturday 30 July 2005

Sunday 31 July
CG 12hr: W/SW-4/5 occasionally 6 veering W/NW increasing 6/7.
CG 24hr: W/NW-5/6 first 7 veering NW-4/5.

Monday 1 August 2005
CG 12hr: W/NW-4/5 decreasing 3/4.
CG 24hr: NW-3/4.

Tuesday 2 August 2005
CG 12hr: NW-2/4 backing SW.
CG 24hr: SW-2/4 increasing 3/4.

Wednesday 3 August 2005
CG 12hr: S/SW-5/6 veering W/NW.
CG 24hr: W/NW 4/5 possibly occasionally 6.

Thursday 4 August 2005
CG 12hr: W/NW-4/5 first occasionally 6 later backing W.
CG 24hr: W-4/5 backing SW later increasing 5/6 later.

Friday 5 August 2005
CG 12hr: SW-4/5 increasing 5/6 veering W/NW.
CG 24hr: NW-5/6 decreasing 4/5.

Saturday 6 August
CG 12hr: NW-4/5.
CG 24hr: NW-4/5.

Harlingen and Den Helder tides July/August 2005

Tidal range Den Helder July/August 2005

© A.M. Schoevers

Cartoons are by courtesy of Ronald Frijhoff

An article (in Dutch language) appeared in the newspaper "Wieringermeerbode" of August 5th, 2005.