The fish that did not get away...

A Peddelpraat trip guided by Ray Goodwin. with Alex, Chris, Grietje, Jaap, Marcel, Marianne, Martin, Nico, Rick, Thea and Axel. This time around, the fish did not get away...

More pictures and trip reports (in Dutch language) can be found on the websites of Marianne Jonker and Alex van der Werf.

Sunday 17 July 2005 (Kerrera)
CG 24hr: SW-4/5; sea state: slight becoming moderate.
CG 48hr: SW veering W-4/5 occasionally 6 later; sea state: moderate becoming rough.

Monday 18 July (Gallanachmore - Torsa)
BBC 18hr: W-5/7 but SW-4/5 at first in Malin.

Tuesday 19 July (Torsa - Scarba)
CG 24hr: W/SW-4/5; sea state: rough.
CG 48hr: W veering NW-4/5; sea state: rough becoming moderate.

Wednesday 20 July (Scarba)
CG 24hr: NW-4/5 perhaps 6 at first in south; sea state: rough becoming moderate.
CG 48hr: NW-4/5 veering N-3/4; sea state: moderate becoming slight in shelter.

Thursday 21 July (Scarba - Garvellachs)
CG 24hr: NW-3/4 occasionally 5 in south; sea state: slight/moderate.
CG 48hr: NW veering NE-3/4; sea state: smooth/slight, moderate at first in west.

Friday 22 July (Garvellachs - Luing)
BBC 18hr: N-3/4.

Saturday 23 July (Luing - Gallanachmore)
CG 24hr: N veering E/NE-3/4; sea state: smooth/slight.
CG 48hr: E/NE-3/4 occasionally 5 in north; sea state slight, moderate in west.

Oban and Dover tides July 2005

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