Black Isles and White Waters

A trip in Scotland organized by the Peddelpraat club with Annet, Gerard, Jan, Henk, Leen, Marieke, Martin and Axel. Starting near Oban we explored Kerrera and many more Scottisch Islands, including the Grey Dogs and the Gulf of Corryvreckan.

Sunday 10 July 2005 (Kerrera)
CG 24hr: N-3 or less, NW-3/4 later; sea state: slight.
CG 48hr: NW backing W-3/4; sea state: slight.

Monday 11 July (Gallanachmore - Port Ohirnie)
CG 24hr: Variable 3 or less, sea breazes, NW-3 later; sea state: smooth/slight.
CG 48hr: NW becoming SW-3; sea state: slight.

Tuesday 12 July (Port Ohirnie - Scarba)
CG 24hr: NW-3/4; sea state: slight, occasionally moderate.
CG 48hr: NW-3/4 backing SW-4/5; sea state: slight/moderate.

Wednesday 13 July (Scarba - Glengarrisdale Bay)
CG 24hr: W-3 or less becoming SW-4/5; sea state: slight/moderate.
CG 48hr: SW veering NW-4/5; sea state: moderate, occasionally rough.

Thursday 14 July (Glengarrisdale Bay - Belnahua)
CG 24hr: SW-4/5 veering BW-3/4; sea state: moderate, occasionally rough at first.
CG 48hr: SW-4/5 occasionally 6 veering NW-3/4; sea state: moderate, perhaps rough on exposed waters for a time becoming slight.

Friday 15 July (Belnahua - Arduaine)
CG 24hr: W/NW-3 backing SW-4/5; sea state: slight or moderate on exposed waters.
CG 48hr: SW-4/5 veering W for a while; sea state: slight building moderate or rough.

Saturday 16 July (Arduaine - Gallanachmore)
CG 24hr: SW-3 increasing 4/5 later; sea state: moderate, rough on exposed waters.
CG 48hr: SW-4/5 veering W for a while; sea state: moderate. rough on exposed waters.

Oban and Dover tides July 2005

© A.M. Schoevers