Sea Kayak Outer Hebrides

Located in Lochmaddy on North Uist, Uist Outdoor Centre offers a wide range of sea kayak courses and expeditions and annually host a sea kayak symposium at the end of August. These pictures were taken during a week long sea kayaking course for intermediate sea kayakers (skills, rescue and navigation sessions, an overnight trip and a surf session). All in the stunning and challenging sea kayak environment that the Outer Hebrides is so famous for. Countless islands, beaches and cliffs; sea and Atlantic ocean.

Sunday 15 May 2005 (Uist Outdoor Centre)
CG 24hr: ?; Sea state: ?

Monday 16 May (Lochmaddy)
CG 24hr: N backing W later 5 or 6, occasionally 7 in south at first.

Tuesday 17 May (Otternish - Berneray)
CG 24hr: V-3/4 becoming E/SE-5/6; Sea state: moderate, locally rough.

Wednesday 18 May (Berneray - Vallay)
CG 24hr: SE-2/3 becoming 4/5, occasionally 6 in north; Sea state: slight to moderate.

Thursday 19 May (Vallay - Grìminis)
CG 24hr: E/SE-5/6 veering S/SE 3/4 for a time; Sea state: moderate to rough.

Friday 20 May (Solas Beach / Traìgh Iar)
CG 24hr: ?; Sea state: ?

© A.M. Schoevers