Around Anglesey, almost...

A trip around Anglesey for the NKB (Dutch Canoe Union) with Andrea, Birgit, Dik, Jan, Peter, Ruud and Axel. We started at Porth Dafarch for an anti-clockwise circumnavigation of Anglesey. Because of strong winds we stopped at Soldiers' Point, just 10 kilometres short of making it all the way around. Hiking most of the remaining part over the top of Holyhead Mountain instead.

More pictures and route details can be found on the website of Peter Grobbée.

Sunday 8 May 2005 (Porth Dafarch - Trearddur Bay)
CG 24hr: W/NW-4/5 increasing 6 for a time in north then veering west; Sea state: moderate building to rough.
CG 48hr: N-4/5 becoming V-3/4; Sea state: rough becoming slight to moderate.

Monday 9 May (Porth Dafarch - Abermenai Point)
CG 24hr: NW veering NE-3/4 occasionally 5; Sea state: slight or moderate.
CG 48hr: NE veering E-3/4; Sea state: slight, moderate at first.

Tuesday 10 May (Abermenai Point - Penmon)
CG 24hr: NE-3/4 backing E; Sea state: slight.
CG 48hr: E-3/4; Sea state: slight.

Wednesday 11 May (Penmon - Porth Wen)
CG 24hr: E-3/4 becoming V-3 for a time; Sea state: slight.
CG 48hr: E-3/4 increasing 4/5; Sea state: slight, becoming slight to moderate.

Thursday 12 May (Porth Wen - Soldiers' Point)
CG 24hr: E-4/5 increasing 5/6; Sea state: slight becoming slight to moderate.
CG 48hr: E-5/6 indreasing 6 or 7; Sea state: slight to moderate becoming moderate to rough.

Friday 13 May (Holyhead Mountain)
CG 24hr: E backing NE-5/6; Sea state: slight to moderate.
CG 48hr: NE-5 or 6 veering E-4/5; Sea state: slight or moderate.

Saturday 14 May (SKUK)
CG 24hr: E/NE 5 or 6 decreasing 3/4; Sea state: ?
CG 48hr: NE backing N-3/4; Sea state: slight.

© A.M. Schoevers