San Juan Islands

Back in the summer of 1989, years before I started sea kayaking, I almost made it to the San Juan Islands, but I had the bus schedule wrong. In May 1999 I purposely drove-by Deception Pass at max ebb on my way to the Bellingham ferry that would take me on an Alaska paddling adventure, but kept the San Juan's on my left. I almost went in 2000, after meeting Les Uhrich in Anglesey. He told me of a sea kayak symposium to be held on Orcas Island that September, but I could not make it then.

As an avid sea kayaker, by now I had heard of Body Boat Blade International. It's owners Shawna Franklin, Leon Sommé and Bryan Smith offer the best sea kayaking and BCU coaching in the Pacific Northwest. They will be hosting another sea kayak symposium sometime, but running out of "but's", I decided that I could not wait any longer!

Monday 8 November 2004 (Orcas Island)

Tuesday 9 November (Sucia Island)

Wednesday 10 November (Orcas Island)

Thursday 11 November (Anacortes)

Friday 12 November (Deer Harbor)

Saturday 13 November (Patos Island)

Sunday 14 November (Blakely Island)

Monday 15 November (Seattle)

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