Under a Golden Gate

The second edition of the Northern California BCU Skills Symposium was held from 22-29 October 2004 on Bodega Bay at Doran County Park. The BCU 5-star training and assessment was held in San Fransisco Bay.

The symposium was organized by Riptide & Rapids.

For information on the upcoming event see the Northern California BCU Skills Symposium website.

Check-out the BCU North America web-site for other BCU events scheduled in North America.

Friday, 22 October 2004 (Bodega Bay Symposium)

Saturday, 23 October (Bodega Bay Symposium)

Sunday, 24 October (Bodega Bay Symposium)

Monday, 25 October (BCU 4-star sea training)

Tuesday, 26 October (BCU 4-star sea training)

Wednesday, 27 October (BCU 5-star sea training)

Thursday, 28 October (BCU 5-star sea training)

Friday, 29 October (San Fransisco - Rodeo Beach)

NorCal BCU Skills Symposium
Produced by Jim Westcott

A video by Justine Curgenven about the 2003 symposium is for sale through Riptides & Rapids.

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