Sea Kayak Georgia BCU Week

The third edition of the Sea Kayak Georgia skills symposium and BCU week was held from 16 through 20 October 2004.

BCU two, three and four star trainings and assessments, BCU level two and tree coach trainings and assessments, fun trips and fun classes for all levels each day.

This years' coaches were: Nigel Foster, Nigel Dennis, Gordon Brown, Jas Hepburn, Trys Morris, Tom Bergh, Steve Maynard, Fiona Whitehead, Jean Totz, Russel Farrow, Dale Williams, Ben Lawry, Peter Casson, Steve Braden, Pete Bray, Mark Schoon, Mel Rice, Cheri Perry and Danny Mongno.

Highlights were Nigel's 'Fun with Foster', progressing through 'More fun with Foster' to an 'Advanced fun with Foster' class by the end of the event. Cheri Perry made a stunning appearance showing Greenland rolling and giving two Greenland classes. There were perfect conditions for the 4-star sea training and assessment.

On the lecture front. Nigel Foster gave a chilling account of his and Kristen's expedition in Labrador with sixteen Polar Bear encounters; some too close for comfort. Fiona Whitehead gave a lecture on her circumnavigation of Great Britain and Ireland. Cheri Perry took us to the 2004 Greenland kayaking championships. Gordon Brown retraced the origins of the Anas Acuta sea kayak. And finally, Tybee will not quickly forget Pete Bray's talk on his 2001 Atlantic crossing...

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An article by Ted Danforth, Training - The BCU Way, appeared in the April/May 2005 issue of the on-line Wavelength Paddling Magazine.

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