KNRM Vlieland rescue exercise

The annual NKB sea kayak instruction week on the Island of Vlieland was held this year from 4 through 11 September.

"Traffic Control Brandaris (3x), this is the PD126* (3x) for excersize!" With this statement on VHF-2 at 19:10 a rescue excersize for the KNRM (Royal Dutch Lifeboat Institution) starts. Sido, the organizer of the sea instruction week carefully planned this exercise together with the coast guard (Lighthouse Brandaris traffic control centre) and the Lifeboat center and this was kept secret from the lifeboat crew.

Two groups set out to create two carefully planned separate incidents. The 5-star sea training group would simulate a 'heart problem'. The sea touring group would simulate a 'swimmer' with a shoulder dislocation.

After confirmation and re-confirmation between Brandaris traffic control and the Lifeboat center, both Vlieland life boats set out to rescue.

Conditions are perfect. Brandaris traffic control announces the wind to be a north-easterly force six Beaufort.

Monday 6 September 2004
CG 24hr: NE-5/6; sea state: moderate.

© A.M. Schoevers