Dutch Invasion

Pieter Oostra, Nico Pennings and Ron Zeeman came over early for the 2004 Anglesey Sea Kayak Symposium to paddle in the tidal races off Anglesey.

Monday 26 April 2004 (Penrhyn Mawr and North Stack)
CG 24hr: Variable 2/3 increasing N/NW-4; fog patches; sea state: slight/moderate.
LW: 09:18; HW: 15:29

Some film clips of Penrhyn Mawr shot by Nico Pennings:
Axel20040426101.WMV3164 kB 00:49
Pieter20040426102.WMV2232 kB00:36
Ron20040426103.WMV3267 kB00:53

Tuesday 27 April (Penrhyn Mawr)
CG 24hr: N/NE-5/7 locally 3/4; sea state: moderate/rough.
LW: ??:??; HW: 16:38

Wednesday 28 April (Penrhyn Mawr)
CG 24hr: N-5/6 occasionally 7; sea state: moderate/rough.
LW: 11:44; HW: 18:13

Thursday 29 April (Camaes - Cemlyn)
CG 24hr: N-5/6 occasionally 7 easing 4/5 overnight; sea state moderate/rough.
LW: 13:04; HW: 19:32

We want to check out how rough it can be on the North Coast of Anglesey. Setting out from reasonable shelter in Camaes we find ourselves in bigger and bigger waves. Bernhard and Freya, both from Germany, joined us (Pieter, Nico and Axel). We tuck into the small bay in the northeast corner of Camaes Bay and discuss whether to continue. Our plan was to paddle to Middle Mouse first, but what we can see when we are on the top of the waves: too rough out there. This is with no doubt the second biggest or at least the roughest sea I have ever experienced. Originally we wanted to get to Cemlyn. When we get into open and deep water Bernhard and Freya decide to return. When we dodge or brace the occasional breaking wave off Wylfa Head we become aware of a big mistake we had made earlier that morning. We should have driven by Cemlyn first to check if that bay is safe to land in. With this sea there might be massive surf out there; we have no clue. Off Cemlyn Bay we decide to return. At least we know our way back to Camaes. It amazes me that although there are whitecaps and breaking wave tops all around us, only very rarely I am actually hit by a breaking wave. Most of the time just a few strong paddle strokes and quick manoeuvring keeps me clear of trouble. Back on shore we meet Bernhard and Freya again. Freya had to roll on the way back. She uses a wing paddle. Now that is what everyone would call a "bombproof roll and beyond"! We drive by Cemlyn and find that with the current wind direction the bay provides a safe landing. But by now the flood starts to run and the sea gets an even more white appearance. Today's paddling was definitively on the very limit.

Friday 30 April ()
CG 24hr: NE-4/5 locally increasing 6 for a time; sea state: slight/moderate.
LW: 14:04; HW: 20:27

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