Visit the website We will try to make frequent progress reports. These progress reports come in the form of voice-mail sound files that are hosted on a special expedition page of WetDawg, your headquarters for adventure watersports.

With a low-speed connection, the sound may falter every now and then. After the first play-back, the sound file will be stored in the local 'cache' and can be replayed. The sound file can also be stored locally directly through 'right-mouseclick' and 'Save Source' or equivalent actions for saving a remote file.

If you want to know what wind and weather we experience along the North Sea coast, than have a look at the Inshore or the Shipping forecast of the Dutch meteorological office (KNMI). The forecast text pages might require a 'refresh' (F5 in Windows) for the most recent forecast.

Tuesday 9 September 2003 
Expedition details are now available in a PDF-document (882 kB).
Sunday 7 September 2003 
Yesterday at 13:00 we were back at Den Helder where we started out on Sunday August 10th; around the Netherlands by sea kayak: 1241 kilometers in 28 days. We would like to thank Nigel Dennis Kayaks, Lendal, Kōkatat, ICOM, Aquapac and Datema Amsterdam for their generous support and WetDawg for hosting the voice-mail sound files. A special thanks to my brother Arne for maintaining the voice-mail system to make the progress reports possible in the first place. And finally... Thanks to all the paddlers at Anglesey that inspired us to look for a challenge of our own. What we found was a great adventure right at our doorstep.
Friday 5 September 2003 (20030905.WAV)
Texel - Noorderhaaks (35,2 km)
Thursday 4 September 2003 (20030904.WAV)
West Terschelling - Texel (31,6 km)
Wednesday 3 September 2003 (20030903.WAV)
West Ameland - West Terschelling (31,1 km)
Tuesday 2 September 2003 (20030902.WAV)
Schiermonnikoog - West Ameland (38,7 km)
Monday 1 September 2003 (20030901.WAV)
Simonszand - Schiermonnikoog (35,4 km)
Sunday 31 Augustus 2003 (20030831.WAV)
Borkum - Simonszand (35,7 km)
Saturday 30 Augustus 2003 (20030830.WAV)
Nieuwe Statenzijl - Borkum (53,2 km)
(Dollard / Waddenzee)
Friday 29 Augustus 2003 (20030829.WAV)
Zuidveld - Nieuwe Statenzijl (39,5 km)
(Ruiten Aa kanaal / B.L. Tijdenskanaal / Westerwoldse Aa)
Thursday 28 Augustus 2003 (20030828.WAV)
Klazienaveen - Zuidveld (38,5 km)
(Verlengde Hoogeveensche vaart / Verlengde Oosterdiep / Ruiten-Aa kanaal)
Wednesday 27 Augustus 2003 (20030827.WAV)
Almelo - Klazienaveen (61,5 km)
(Kanaal Almelo-de Haandrik / Stieltjeskanaal / Verlengde Hoogeveensche vaart / van Echtenskanaal)
Tuesday 26 Augustus 2003 (20030826.WAV)
Zutphen - Almelo (50,0 km)
Monday 25 Augustus 2003 (20030825.WAV)
Gendt - Zutphen (61,0 km)
(Waal / Pannerdens Kanaal / IJssel)
Sunday 24 Augustus 2003 (20030824.WAV)
Blitterswijck - Gendt (52,8 km)
(Maas / Maas-Waal Kanaal / Waal)
Saturday 23 Augustus 2003 (20030823.WAV)
Herten - Blitterswijck (58,8 km)
Friday 22 Augustus 2003 (20030822.WAV)
Meers - Herten (39,0 km)
(Grensmaas / Maas)
Thursday 21 Augustus 2003 (20030821.WAV)
Kanne - Meers (39,1 km)
(Albertkanaal / Sluis Visé / Grensmaas)
Wednesday 20 Augustus 2003 (20030820.WAV)
Weert - Kanne (55,0 km)
(Zuid-Willemsvaart / Verbindingsvaart / Albertkanaal)
Tuesday 19 Augustus 2003 (20030819.WAV)
Aarle Rixtel - Weert (41,4 km)
Monday 18 Augustus 2003 (20030818.WAV)
Dongen - Aarle Rixtel (52,3 km)
Sunday 17 Augustus 2003 (20030817.WAV)
Stampersgat - Dongen (42,0 km)
(Dintel / Mark / Markkanaal / Wilhelminakanaal)
Saturday 16 Augustus 2003 (20030816.WAV)
Yerseke - Stampersgat (50,3 km)
(Oosterschelde / Steenbergsche Vliet / Roosendaalse Vliet / Mark-Vliet Kanaal / Dintel)
Friday 15 Augustus 2003 (20030815.WAV)
Zoutelande - Yerseke (65,7 km)
(Westerschelde / Kanaal door Zuid-Beveland / Oosterschelde)
Thursday 14 Augustus 2003 (20030814.WAV)
Westhoofd Ouddorp - Zoutelande (51,3 km)
(Noordzee / Westerschelde)
Wednesday 13 Augustus 2003 (20030813.WAV)
Kijkduin - Westhoofd Ouddorp (42,2 km)
Tuesday 12 Augustus 2003 (20030812.WAV)
IJmuiden - Kijkduin (48,2 km)
Monday 11 Augustus 2003 (20030811.WAV)
Noorderhaaks - IJmuiden (64,2 km)
Sunday 10 Augustus 2003 
Den Helder - Noorderhaaks (6,1 km)
Tuesday 22 July 2003 
We are very grateful for the support from WetDawg to host the voice-mail messages in which we will keep you updated on our progress. Their website is the main gateway to all adventure watersports.
Saturday 12 April 2003 
With Nigel Dennis Kayaks' presence at the annual open-air kayak show on 12/13 April our expedition kayaks, an Explorer and a GreenlanderPro, are now in the Netherlands awaiting their final tests before the expedition starts.
Friday 4 April 2003 
Visit of Datema Amsterdam for the hand-out of Nautical charts and publications needed for the expedition.
Friday 4 April 2003 
Visiting AMCOM for the hand-out of the just now introduced ICOM IC-M87 waterproof VHF radio and Aquapac® waterproof cases. For size comparision the referenced photograph shows the IC-M87 next to the IC-M15.
Friday 21 February 2003 (20030221.WAV)
Above link is an example of how you can follow our progress during the expedition.
Wednesday 1 January 2003 (Rijswijk & Wageningen)
Website activation.

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