So here I am once more...

A chance to be assessed for Level 3 Sea and attending a Coaching Processes course was all the excuse I needed to head for Anglesey once more... Is it the place, the people or both?

Friday 20 September 2002 (Singing Sands - Bardsey Island)
Inshore: NE-2/3 locally 4; sea state: slight

Saturday 21 September (Porth Dafarch - Ravens Point)
Inshore: NE/E-2/3 backing N-3/4; sea state: smooth rising slight

Sunday 22 September (Borthwen - Rhoscolyn)
Inshore: N-3/4 later veering NE-4/5

Monday 23 September (Soldiers' Point - Porth Dafarch)

Tuesday 24 September (Singing Sands - Bardsey Island)
Inshore: E/NE-3/4 locally 4/5 backing NE/E-3 locally 4

Wednesday 25 September (Borthwen - Treaddur Bay)
Inshore: Variable to N/NW-2/3 becoming W/NW-3/4 increasing 4/5 locally 6 in north; sea state: slight to moderate

Thursday 26 September (Borthwen - Treaddur Bay)
Inshore: NW-5 easing 3; sea state: moderate becoming slight

Friday 27 September (Stanley Embankment)

Some pictures were published in NKB "Mededelingen" 2002/2.

© A.M. Schoevers